Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system.

MS interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops people from moving.

Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The advancement, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.

Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with more than twice as many women as men being diagnosed with the disease.

MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U.S. and 2.1 million worldwide.

Hosted by Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction and Infectious Grooves, this was the second event of the “Beat MS” drum circle series being held by ROCK AGAINST MS.

The drum circle event was held on a Sunday afternoon in a spacious art complex near Downtown L.A..

Hand drums, shakers and maracas (generously donated by Remo) were provided for the participants to play along with a small drum kit that Stephen used to lead the jam.  There was also a live art demonstration, a potluck and a general feeling of goodness for all involved.

Drum circles such as these have many benefits for all involved and provide therapeutic value for both the person stricken by the disease, as well as their loved ones and caregivers and allow people to get away from the pain and focus on playing and interacting with a group in a powerful, yet peaceful setting.  


The main goal of these events focuses on healing and is based off the same principles as The Raven Drum Foundation (founded by Rick Allen of Def Leppard and Lauren Monroe) for:
Reduced feelings of depression
Greater vitality
Elimination of headaches and physical pain
Increased peace of mind
Transformation of suicidal thoughts
Feelings of creativity and inspiration
Feelings of hope, healing and restored connection in marriages
Healing of hidden feelings of grief, despair and anger
Feelings of friendship and trust
Restoration of spiritual connection
Inspired movement in wounded unmovable limbs
Forgiveness of self and others
Feelings of gratitude
Experiences of deep peace and contentment
Feelings of happiness and community
A new understanding of health
Motivation to become healthy
Motivation to take care of oneself and others
Increase in self-esteem
Increase in self compassion
Increased desire to change negative emotional patterns
Increase desire to be open to new approaches of healing
Increase openness to love
A greater understanding of what it means to be resilient

There are more of the events in the works by the Rock Against MS Foundation (TWITTER), so be sure to get involved and become a part of this excellent program to battle MS.