This past Tuesday, The Ten Band paid tribute to Peal Jam on AXS TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute bands.

Your host – Katie Daryl :


Getting ready for live TV:


Katie introducing The Ten Band as the live telecast begins:


As The Ten Band (FB, Twitter), guitarists Billy Schneider and Brian Pardee, lead vocalist Nick Rhodes, bass player Todd Kaczorowski and drummer Adam Sivitz set out from Pittsburgh, PA to recreate a Pearl Jam concert at the iconic Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood to a live AXS TV crowd. 


Once” – the opening track on Pearl Jam’s 1991 debut.                                            

State of Love and Trust”, which was first released and appeared as Track 8 on the soundtrack for Singles, a “grunge-based” movie that took place in Seattle that  Jeff Ament, Vedder and Gossard appeared in.

Evenflow” – the second single off PJ’s debut. 

Jeremy” the third single released from the debut –    

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”, the tenth track from from VS. was next.  Due to the abnormally long title in terms of  PJ songs, it’s commonly referred to as “Small Town” by the band and their fans. 

Given to Fly” — the most popular song from the band’s fifth album “Yield”, which was released in 1998. 

Daughter”, the second single from their second album, Vs.  Next up was “Porch” – the eighth track off Ten.  Many in attendance hadn’t heard that song in almost 20 years…  or at least the last time they watch PJ’s “MTV Unplugged”.  

Black”,the fifth single off Ten, brought the main set to conclusion when Katie came out and announced the commercial break. 

Betterman” from 1994’s Vitalogy opened the encore.   That song spent 8 weeks at #1 on the charts.  

The encore finished up  with “Alive” – the first single from the debut, which put another week of Season 4 in the books for the viewers and attendees from coast to coast.


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