Sabroso Fest 2019 by Manny Dominguez

Shots of people being people and some concert shots from some of the artists that were on stage. The day was filled with a several 1000 Sabroso fans that came to drink,eat,and hear some great music! Beer vendors galore were sampling their brews! Taco Tents were set up to fill your appetite. Merchandise was sold to keep the memory alive for years to come. A Wrestling Ring was on the grounds, as The Lucha Libres put on a great show of flying aerobatics and grappler moves. Then you had great bands playing on the Big Stage all day until the Headliner of The Offspring came on that Sunday night! There was a Taco Eatting contest where the winner probably scarfed down about 140 Tacos! Over all a very good day! I enjoyed the Beer Tasting! The Food was great! Loved watching the Lucha Libre’s! Seeing the talented bands on stage! And most of all meeting and making new friends! The Fans were great and it was well controlled! Didn’t see any issues like fights or people being out of control. That’s very impressive! I was probably one of the oldest in attendance but felt right at home with a crowd much younger than me. Looking forward to next year!