sshThe Sunset Jam is building a community focusing on good musicianship and welcomes all instruments.   The inaugural Sunset Jam took place on  January 11 and is led by acclaimed session and touring guitarists Erik Himel and Derek Williams and is hosted each and every Monday night at The State Social House and invites local and national/international artists to showcase their talents alongside Himel’s professional house band.

Himel recently completed tours with Russian stadium rockers Mumiy Troll and “Queen of Rocktronica” JES (Ultra Records) and Williams is CEO of and guitarist for acts including Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett and Lee Brice.

Co-sponsored by COLDCOCK Whiskey, all Sunset Jam concerts are free to attend.


-Selected guest performers will receive show set lists (mostly consisting of pop and rock covers) in order to select the songs on which they play and what gear to bring with them to the venue.

-Artists can also apply to perform their original music as opening sets  prior to the jam sessions.

Those interested in performing should submit a video of their playing via The Sunset Jam’s website for review.

Williams states:  “The Sunset Jam is beneficial for both national and international touring artists and is a great way for musicians passing through Los Angeles to experience a true sense of camaraderie outside of their respective hometowns – to build meaningful relationships with artists from diverse backgrounds.”

Additional information is available in the press release on The Sunset Jam site