DW artist and “DRUMMER WANTED”star Dean Zimmer brought over his drum pedal and used a combination of 3 PDP Jr Drum Kits with their mini floor toms, along with a few PDP rack toms, some PDP timbales, an octaban, and an array of random, entry-level cymbals to rock out on the drums for a portion of the afternoon.

Here are some highlights:

Dean Zimmer was born with  arthrogryposis – a  rare condition that severely restricts joint movement in his legs and arms.

Dean’s interest in music led to him playing drums back in South Dakota where he befriended the late, great Mark Craney of Jethro Tull fame.

Since coming to Southern California, Dean has jammed for decades and has been friends with some of the biggest names in drumming.   Dean was known locally for decades in various musical circles,  clubs and venues for his incredible drumming skills and unique drumming style before his story was shared in the Award-Winning “DRUMMER WANTED” video from Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales:

Dean also appeared in Modern Drummer and in a show that featured him on the DRUM CHANNEL with his buddies Gregg Bissonette, Terry Bozzio, Doane Perry, Myron Grombacher, and more (clips of the show):


Since gaining notoriety with his viral drumming video, people that have know him casually and have seen him cruising around town for years have said they were surprised to learn of his talent and have gone on to say that it has given them a new outlook on how they tend to perceive people, which is really cool.

Since his video, Dean has done a lot of jamming, some session work, along with presentations and performed for Can-Do Musos at The NAMM Show over the last two years in Anaheim, California with Dom Famularo, Andrew Hewitt, David Segal, Michael Mignogna, Joe Hardy and Mark Goffeney and others.

2016 Can Do Musos NAMM footage:

Additonal 2016 Can Do Musos NAMM coverage

2015 Can Do Musos NAMM: