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RECAP BY William Greenberg Twitter: @SimiWill  

I’m going to be honest… I wasn’t enthralled at the idea of a Deep Purple heavy setlist. I mean after all, I came to see Whitesnake! But man, am I glad to be wrong.

Almost 50% of the set was Deep Purple, and on the evening of the late GREAT Jon Lord’s birth, it was a welcome trip back in time.

Whitesnake hit the stage as David greeted us with the familiar “Ere’s a Song Fo Ya”, as they ripped into “Burn”.   And for most of the night, that’s exactly what they did.  They set The Saban on Fire!  The band sounded great.  

David Coverdale has had some noted vocal issues in the past and it seems he has finally learned to temper his voice and avoided some early high notes in order to save them up for “Here I Go Again” and “Still of the Night” at the end of the set.

Reb Beach is now the elder statesman of the ever-changing band and he is joined by guitarist Joel Hoekstra, who provided all the requisite, rock star stage moves as well as some blistering, familiar solos.

Tommy Aldridge is back behind the kit and he blasted out a booming drum solo and then tossed his sticks into the crowd. But really…who needs drumsticks? Not Tommy “The Octopus” Aldridge, who used, what seemed to be, all 8 of his limbs to pound out another solo, sans sticks.  Note: If no one has coined “The Octopus” as Tommy’s nickname, I have dibs.

The band is rounded out by Bassist, Michael Devin, who brought out the Blues Harp (Harmonica to you and me) to provide a great intro to “Mistreated” and Michele Luppi, who joins the band on keyboards, having to emulate the aforementioned legend, Jon Lord.

A certain Glenn Hughes had tweeted earlier that he would be visiting his Deep Purple “Brother, David” and those who were aware of that wondered…could he…? WOULD HE…?!?!?  Yes, he would…  The Voice of Rock joined the Snake on two Purple tracks “You Keep on Moving” and “Lay Down Stay Down”, which on the latter he hit some notes that no person of his age…of ANY AGE..has any right to hit.

The newest song played was the beautiful “Forevermore”, which I was happy to hear live. My only criticism of the show is that the Whitesnake selection of songs didn’t venture any earlier than 1984’s, “Slide It In”.   As I’m a sucker for their earlier material, the only thing I can do about that for now is to go throw on some headphones and listen to “Aint No Love in the Heart of the City”.  

SET LIST: Burn (Deep Purple cover)

Slide It In Love Ain’t No Stranger The Gypsy (Deep Purple cover)

Give Me All Your Love

You Keep on Moving (Deep Purple cover with Hughes)


Guitar Solo

Mistreated (Deep Purple cover)

You Fool No One (Deep Purple cover)

Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo

Is This Love

Lay Down Stay Down (Deep Purple cover with Hughes)

Here I Go Again

Encore: Still of the Night

David Coverdale (vocals)
Joel Hoekstra (guitars)
Reb Beach (guitars)
Michael Devin (bass)
Tommy Aldridge (drums)

Whitesnake Setlist Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA, USA 2015, The Purple Tour