In Part 1 of our interview with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, we discussed  “LITTLE BROTHER IS WATCHING” (his new album on iTunes, Physical CD), where BUMBLEFOOT discussed this release track by track.

Bumblefoot-Little-Brother-is-WatchingFor Part 2, Bumblefoot discusses upcoming touring plans and appearances, his involvement with Generation Kill featuring Rob Dukes and DMC, The Art of Anarchy, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp and he responds as we jokingly asked him if he’s going to be the new drummer of Megadeth.


“As far as touring, I want to hold off before I book anything, I want to see how the album does.    I want to see where people really take to it. I don’t want to just book a tour and go out – I want to have a plan, I want to see how people respond to the record and then I’ll book the right places at the right time.”

Apart from his solo work, Bumblefoot is constantly doing work as a contributing musician,producer, clinician and teacher with many bands and events.


Generation Kill (FB) with Darryl McDaniels (a.k.a. DMC), released their first single today (and DMC will also be appearing on That Metal Show tonight): “Those guys, so you got Rob Dukes who was singing with Exodus and now he’s got Generation Kill  – a really cool metal band – a bunch of great dudes.  And they’ve been working with Darryl McDaniels of DMC, from Run DMC, so they have this metal thing going.  Rob reached out to me about producing, mixing, and playing some guitar parts, so we did one song together so far and there is a whole bunch more to come.   The first song we did is called ‘Lot Lizard’ (released today on iTunes). — it’s a nasty, nasty song.   Hopefully, we’ll get bunch more stuff done very soon.” RRFC_MoMROCK N ROLL FANTASY CAMP

Towards the end of March, Bumblefoot will be participating in “Masters of Metal” as a “ROCK STAR COUNSELOR”from Thursday March 26 to Sunday, March 29, 2015 at Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas withGlenn Hughes, Michael Schenker and whole bunch of cool, cool people….. Brian Tichy is gonna be there (Bumblefoot recently played a tremendous version of Mr. Crowley on Tichy’s recently released “Randy Rhoads Remembered” tribute CD).  Rudy Sarzo is going to be there. That is going be a fun one.”

He added that “Just going out and doing shows gets very mechanical. I need to have that one-on-one where we just geek out and talk about music, laugh and have fun….. and have a more personal experience than going thru a set…… and I could that with workshops, so I love doing that stuff.” aa1ART OF ANARCHY

Bumblefoot also has the Art of Anarchy coming up with Scott Weiland (vocals), John Moyer (bass), and brothers Jon Votta (guitar) and Vince Votta (drums), who he has “been friends with for 18 years…     I’m hoping the album comes out in May.   That album has been in the works since 2011, when we started it. It’s been a long time of just getting that together piece by piece and just getting everything ready.   We shot really nice videos last year….   I can’t wait for it to come out.    As far as doing shows, we’ll see what happens, but now the main thing is just ‘let’s get the album out and let people hear the first single, and see the video and the whole album and see where it goes from there’“.



“Manipulation of the space time continuum – it’s that simple ”, he states. “….there’s no such thing as time…   What is time?  What is space?  We just float in and out and what we need to do at what we call time.   Time is not necessary linear – it could be spiraling…  it could be a lot of things,  So you could really get a lot of things done at once if you are doing them at different times, but layering them one on top of each other….. Picture Little blocks of time as little sheets of paper that we are aligning  so that everything you are doing is now aligned and happening at once.   So that’s how you can go on tour, record an album, produce an album and write a song for a TV  in the same day.


We thought it would be funny to ask Mr. Thal if he was the new drummer for Megadeth.   Completely joking, he said, “I tried out, but I am the worst drummer you will ever hear in your life”.

Part 3 will include the rest of our interview and a comprehensive review of Bumblefoot’s solo album.